Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

We had the pleasure of stumbling upon international and eco-friendly designer Leila Hafzi.   Working in hand dyed natural silks dried in the open air of the Himalayas, her designs evoke the kinetic environment they are created in.  Rough cut edges and flowing, sweeping shapes in a palette of soft natural hues were a welcome break from a sea of white.

Hand painted dresses are a signature of the designer and you can imagine our delight as we happened upon these brush touched frocks in her collection.

Feathers, foliage and an abstract snake print wind around the dresses in a free spirited, flowing pattern.  As the model, twisted and turned the soft shapes seemed to dance with a mesmerizing sense of movement.   We can imagine a beach bound bride or artful fleet of bridesmaids donning this lovely…

Hafzi’s dresses, light and youthful, have a natural energy and flow that was happily captured with a sketch.  Ms. Hafzi, let’s paint together one day, shall we?


  1. Jackie

    Wow, pretty awesome Kristy!

  2. kristy

    Thanks Jackie! I spotted this gown on a hanger from across the aisles – so beautiful!

  3. Leila Hafzi

    RT @RiceInk So excited to have found @LeilaHafzi and her painted gowns! https://www.momentaldesigns.com/2012/10/18/trend-sketching-bridal-market-nyc-2012-leila-hafzi/ #bridalmarket

  4. The Bridal Circle

    Wow! Gorgeous! RT @riceink: Trend Sketching Bridal Market NYC 2012 – Leila Hafzi: http://bit.ly/Vfeso6

  5. Allen J.

    This is great to see innovative ideas. Love innovative stuff. It’s like getting a present. You may or may not like it but it’s fun to see what it is because it’s new. Very nice!

  6. jeanne

    Love Leila Hafzi gowns

  7. sara

    wow! the flowers, Gorgeous gown!