Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Emily R.

Sweet, sincere and sure-handed… Invitation Artist Emily began working with us at the ripe old age of 20, but has proven to be an old soul with some major talents when it comes to creating beautiful stationery with us. She gives our studio a breath of fresh air having a fountain of knowledge regarding pop-culture and helps us keep current. Having her around the studio is a treat, as her kind demeanor fits our team like a glove.

Jake R.

Humble, hardworking, kind…Dad It was never a question what Dad would do to fill his days after retirement.  While he’s incredibly shy, Dad has supported my crazy dreams endlessly, offering his skilled hands at every opportunity. From post office trips and spray painting lace to packaging completed orders and sourcing custom postage, Dad is fiercely attentive and one of the most gentle spirits I have ever known.  To have both of my parents still such a significant part of my daily life is a true blessing.  Going above and beyond is their personal mantra when it comes to me and […]

Linda R.

Loving, mom, remarkable… Mom Mom has been a part of Momental since it was born as a mere spark of an idea in my head. My mother’s creativity courses through my own veins and has inspired me since I was very small. I will never forget how Mom transformed our tiny guest bedroom into my very first art studio so that I would have a space to explore my talent and hone my skills. She hand-crafted all the silk flower bouquets for my wedding and now creates the sculpted flowers for one of my most striking collections. She has mastered […]

Adam J.

Technical, diverse and brilliant…The Hubby After years of being behind the scenes at Momental, it’s only fair to pay homage to the incredible brains behind this artistic operation.  An engineer by day, Adam can be found calculating, crunching the numbers and visioning structures most of us couldn’t even fathom.  So when I realized this little business was becoming bigger than I could have dreamed, it was Adam to the rescue.  Apart from ensuring all things black and white run smoothly here, Adam is my soul mate and confidant, never failing in his support, selfless attitude and loving ways.

Erin G.

Focused, funny and authentic…Invitation Artist Erin came to Momental fresh out of college with her degree in hand, along with a ton of enthusiasm.  Her quiet nature and soft spoken approach was a contrast to our loud bustling studio, but soon enough the real Erin emerged and we’re so glad she did.  Erin has become an integral part of the Momental team.  Skilled and enthusiastic about her production work, she is exacting in approach and an incredible leader.