Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Lovely chat with Maricelle today has me literally giddy about design.  Mexican Talavera Pottery is at the heart of what makes Maricelle visual tastebuds tick!  Whimsical pattern in vibrant earth tones mix with watercolor-esque glazing techniques to create an iconic look that is so very recognizable.  I’ll be creating a Momental  interpretation of Talavera paired with bountiful roses and white Cattleya orchids!

credits via Pinterest


  1. Wedding Invitations

    Wow, such beauty

  2. Maricelle

    Hi Kristy!
    Thank you for calling and taking the time to listen to my ideas. I love your inspiration board! The red,gold,pink, ivory and blue are the colors Michael and I imagined for our destination wedding in Mexico. Cattleya orchids and roses are my favorite flowers. I look forward to working on this special project with you!