Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

We just spent 4 glorious days in Yosemite. Even though I am a huge fan of red rock country this is by far my most favorite park. It is full of all the big attrations that would expect from a park this size but also brimming with hidden treasures. This first day I spent a quiet afternoon at the lower Yosemite falls trail head. I sent up and settled in for a great session. Even amidst the tourists galore I found a certain peace there and was easily able to loose myself in the time.

I just love Utah….really that is an understatement. The land, the people and the sun – I just can’t get enough. I could be here for a lifetime and never be short on inspiration. We stayed in Zion National Park for 3 nights and hated to leave. It was quite warm but we were never far from river access or a shaded rock to find reprieve. My time at the Park was focused on finding the best painting spots possible. I started with the classic Zion landscape of jutting canyon walls and bright blue sky. I set up alongside the […]

On Monday we visited Monument Valley in Utah. This land is now owned by the Navaho Nation and they offer tours throughout this stunning landscape. Many films and commercials have been fimed here and you can see why. I took little over an hour on the side of the path to paint just a portion of this enchanting landscape. The air was soft and cool under the powerful sun. All was quiet and I was just able to soak it all in.

Today we are traveling through New Mexico. We stopped at several National Monuments along the way. It was at el Murro that I finally was able to do some painting. I was so inspired by the jutting rocks far above my head. The varying shades of orange were a beautiful backdrop to the soft blue and green ground cover.