Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

I am thrilled to bring you this  Inspired Ink hand-picked by Amanda from Ruffled Blog!  Amanda sent over the loveliest inspiration board to enlighten my creation and I am so glad she did. Sources (clockwise)  Top: One Love Photo, dress from Strim Vintage , poster from All Posters. Bottom: cake shot , hula girls by One Love Photo. This week it is all about giving a vintage edge to Hawaiian wedding themes.  Now let’s not be afraid of the word theme here (I know, I know it is overused at times).  The word Hawaii, for me, conjures images of soft […]

An inpromptu trip to a local Antique market last weekend was all I needed to get inspired.  Last week I announced that The Hubby and I are planning a wedding vow renewal bash.  I must admit settling on a color palette has been difficult for me.   Wandering around the Antique Center I was repeatedly drawn to the vintage tablecloths in so many of the booths.  Picking up a simple piece with light orange and yellow roses, worn from use and frayed a bit on the edges I was immediately drawn in.  At that moment I knew the search for our […]