Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

You may not know but “Momental” is a real word.  Over the years so many have asked how I came up with the name; if I had made it up and so on… The word Momental often confused with Monumental speaks of precious time, memories that are fleeting and pass by in a flash.  They are precious and full of meaning. How befitting that this team of women I work with every day get it.  They understand that life is worth celebrating; that we are here to uplift each other and relish in the precious and profound each moment holds. […]

Last Friday The Momental Girls broke out of the studio and spent the day with the crazy talented Daniel Lanton of Darker Shades of Brown Photography. Daniel has a great eye for color and contrast and this is exactly what drew me to his work. Daniel blogs his super moody, artistic work nearly every day – so be sure to take a look. Just like myself, he works with more clients outside of his hometown and loves meeting new people. We loved meeting this super guy and really connected with his zany personality and laid back style. He is a […]