Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

There are moment when your life shifts.  Usually these are small moments when big change is least expected but most likely.  Saying yes to an idea or just being in the moment with an welcoming mind can open doors to so much good. I’ve said it before. One of the great joys of this business are the people.  Our couples, the artists I share each day with and the fellow industry talents I call friends.  This story is about those friends. In November of 2009 I hopped a flight to join Lara Casey and team in celebration of Southern Weddings […]

Last week had the honor of attending Engage!10 at The Breakers in West Palm Beach.  Read more here about my love of these wedding industry symposiums… Rebecca and Kathryn asked me this time around to sketch each speaker…Many know that my way of experiencing the day and plethora of information shared is to sketch while I take notes.  It is easy to find inspiration since everyone is dressed always beautifully and emits the most creative energy imaginable… Here is my look at some favorites from the nearly 40 speaker sketches I created! Later this week I will share the live […]

Several weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the Southern Weddings Launch Party at Bridal Bar Atlanta.  Take a look here at our feature in the new magazine. I must say I am becoming quite a traveler and admittedly loving every minute!  I hopped on a plane early Friday morning and was heading home by early Saturday morning; a whirlwind trip – yes, but so worth it! The Smilebooth by Our Labor of Love was clearly a hit! I stayed at the W Perimiter Hotel and although spent very little time in my room, was quite impressed with the […]

I am a big believer in people and the power of accomplishments born of smarts and passion.  Lara Casey and her team at Southern Weddings are the perfect example of what I speak of.  I am sure most of you read the iconic Southern Weddings blog that offers up daily real wedding inspiration.  “Southern” may be in their name but the inspiration speaks to brides in all regions everywhere.  We too have fallen in love with the southern charm,  down to earth and extremely personal approach the Southern Weddings gals have brought to the world of weddings. Since the launch […]