Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

You may not know but “Momental” is a real word.  Over the years so many have asked how I came up with the name; if I had made it up and so on… The word Momental often confused with Monumental speaks of precious time, memories that are fleeting and pass by in a flash.  They are precious and full of meaning. How befitting that this team of women I work with every day get it.  They understand that life is worth celebrating; that we are here to uplift each other and relish in the precious and profound each moment holds. […]

Woke up today and realized I have been on the road since June.  Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath… now what?  This year so far has brought larger that life celebrations, education, artistic exploration, endearing couples and immense learning.  An appreciation for place and precious time and all that can be done  sweeps over me and I am instantly grateful. Just back from a magical 5 days in Grand Cayman, I sit here, laptop armed, twitter feed spinning and sketchbook by my side.  I am instantly moved as I am every morning to see what is going on…catch up, ensure […]

Happy Friday all!  The studio is a flurry with activity from gorgeous projects heading out the door to travel plans taking shape.  The Momental Girls are always up to something and this month seems to have our heads spinning! Jess and I are headed to Bridal Market in NYC next week. We’re not NYC bound meerly as spectators.  Look for us sketching our way through Bridal Market and tweeting live from the runways to bring to you our interpretation of the emerging trends.  Pencils are sharpened to sketch french silks, endless tulle, Swarovski crystals galore and all the unexpected moments […]

A favorite by Linda Abbott and the very first Sculpted Blooms I made in college.  Image by Darkershadesofbrown It seems every year around this time I think way too much.  Tis the season to turn another year older, in 5 days exactly and what my birthday brings besides the standard (much loved) celebrations is a smidge of nagging doubt. I attended a viewing yesterday of a 94 year old man who up until 2 years ago was still mowing lawn and shoveling snow.  Amazing.  I sat with family last night for hours, celebrating this man’s life and expounding on my […]

Jose Villa Bossa Nova, the music genre that seems to melt into the air when you listen, you know the one.  Admittedly I don’t know much about the history of Bossa Nova so I began to do a little research on the music that always puts me at ease and well, makes me want to grab my palette and get lost for hours in brushes and paint. In Brazil, to do something with “Bossa” is to do it with particular charm and natural flair.  I read that sentence last week and haven’t been able to shake its impact.   Starting to […]