Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

So to begin this new year I want to thank some amazing people who made my 2012 the best one yet.  This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means and I apologize for those not directly included in this.  I still love you!  We began the year with the announcement of Trellis – a collaboration of artistic minds with our friends at Envelopments.  We marked the launch of Trellis with an epic collaboration of artists seen here.    I celebrated 12 years with my Hubby Adam and marvel at how each year with him is better than the last.  My […]

It is good to be home.  That is this week’s mantra.  Travel for me is simply a part of life and over the years I’ve grown to adore the open road, packed bags that stay packed and the rush of hopping on a plane nearly every week.  This Monday my latest jaunt to Utah culminated in a day of shooting with some friends I’ve made there over the years.  The sun was warm and inviting, a bit of a surprise for a Utah November day.  Amidst the bold redrock we conjured a scene of passions.  Passions for wedding, passions for […]

This time of year in Utah is perfection for me.  The summer’s droves of visitors have gone home, the sun is warm and the air is cool.  You can stepe 50 ft from the park’s road and hear nothing.  The Hubby and I rolled into town late Saturday and decided Sunday would be our day to explore something completely new…for us.  When you’ve been visiting the same National Park for years and hiked all the well know trails, some twice or three times it can be a challenge to find new…actually not just a challenge but an adventure.  Venturing off […]

It is that time of year again, where Jess D. and I pack up our brushes, palettes and selves to immerse in a week of bridal fashion pretty in NYC.  Live from the runways last year we were live tweeting the latest looks and sketching smaller moments that predicted some of our favorite trends from the past year.  Check out our Market report on Weddingbee.com to see what I mean.  So tomorrow morning, we’re off to NYC super early, first to make a very special delivery to be revealed on Saturday, then to our first round of  shows. Our fun […]

I’m not sure I’ve ever introduced you to my Unkie.  My great uncle Aaron, who passed years ago, was like a grandfather to me and the entire family called him Unkie, for a reason I never knew.  Growing up he encouraged my every aspiration, took me on picnics and taught me to appreciate what he called “yemin yellies” (those yellow lilies that grow everywhere in PA from May to October).  His nickname for me even through high school was peaches.  I never knew why, but secretly loved it. In college, Unkie mailed me at least one handwritten letter a week, […]