Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Hi Friends, I’m Kristy, the painter. It’s been such a long while since I (re)introduced myself here.  We’ve seen an influx of new readers and followers across our social media existence so I decided it was high time to say hello and let you know a bit more about me, circa 2015!  Okay, friends, I’m about to get real…bear with me. To learn more about the very early beginnings of Momental and THE hand-painted, watercolor wedding invites, read here. My journey to today is only by the grace of God.  However, I speak lightly as statements like this can seem alienating […]


If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’ve been traveling…the world, quite literally these days.  This year has given an out pouring of imperfectly timed blessings.  From signing two book contracts, one of which I only had 5 weeks to complete and beginning the adoption process to traveling near and far for book #2 to being chosen by a dear Mama to parent her child, I certainly have my hands full of dear moments and full days. {To get caught up on the book and baby news…read here, then here, here, here, here and finally here…} In September we […]


Well nothing is official until it appears on a blog…right?  No… just kidding but I did think it was high time I share the joyful news of our adoption match.  Friends if you haven’t noticed by now, I’m an open book.  My business is so intricately intertwined with my heart and soul, it is hard to separate my “personal” life from my business as they both thrive on the same passion and spirit… so I wholeheartedly share here. Our path to family has been a long an tumultuous one and if you’d like to hear more, head here… {Today though is […]


I’ve been doing a lot of late nights these days.  Not sure if I’m trying to pump myself up for sleepless baby nights or what but less sleep has been my mantra as of late.  Something about the quiet of the house when you’re the only one awake is sacred in a way, like you are experiencing time that no one else is a part of.  In these wee hours time opens up and slows down.  Thinking takes on a new meaning and my hand craves a brush, pen, marker or whatever will facilitate meditation on paper. {In these late […]


So this week friends I’m in sunny Mexico, part work, part play!  This year the conference I attend twice a year named Engage! is being held on the glorious Nizuc Resort Property. {You’ll definitely want to follow along on Instagram for more moments from an out of this world location, near the secluded enclave of Punta Nizuc.} While in Mexico I’ll be sketching my heart out for both books I’m writing this year.  Yes, you heard that right, both books!  I haven’t officially released details about book #2 but more on that later.   If you just can’t wait check out Instagram […]