Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

It’s hard to believe My Best Friend’s Wedding was over two years ago!  Since then Amy and Stephen’s Vintage Riverboat wedding has graced the pages of Bridal Guide Magazine and the wedding blog, United with Love.  I’m so, so excited to finally share a full look into their colorful and spirited celebration. It all started with these message in a bottle invitations featuring a sketching of the riverboat on which Amy and Stephen would host their cocktail hour! Imagining a more appropriate ceremony site for these two would be hard…the bay-check, a cool, old, crooked tree – check…. Handmade, paper […]

I’ve decided to take a little break this week from my blogging hiatus and for one very good reason.  My Best Friend’s Wedding made the pages of one of my favorites, Bridal Guide Magazine.  I was honored enough that they featured her Parisian Wedding Shower last year but when they picked up her wedding as a follow up story, I could hardly believe my luck!  Amy’s wedding was a joyous time not only for the Bride and her Groom but also for two best friends who live far from eachother and have been dreaming of this wedding since mine came […]

Time seems to be moving at the speed of light these days.  My mother in law always says each year comes quicker than the last and I am realizing this to be true.  Scary yes, but more so inspiring.  Inspiring because the moment I start to fuss and worry my mind triggers to think of all that is precious.  Being moved to marvel at life rather than worried about it,  is my goal.  Today I’m marveling at my two friends and the life they have just begun building for themselves… One year ago today my best friend married her soul-mate […]

Amy and Stephen’s Painted Bottle Wedding Invitations. After a long, good day of making pretty I sit here in my hotel room reliving the last 12 hours.  So many laughs, hugs, surprises and it is still days before Amy and Stephen‘s wedding.   With flowers arriving, hair appointments looming and speeches to write I needed to stop for a moment, breathe for a moment and attempt to freeze time, if just for a moment.  If this day flew by so quickly how can I help Amy soak it all in and enjoy all the wonderful large and small moments to come? […]

So here we are 4 days before My Best Friend’s Wedding and what does she do… decide to rent parasols?!?!  Now normally a last minute decision like this would send this Matron of Honor into a tailspin but then she forwarded the Bella Umbrella website.  So needless to say we fell in love and there are 5 lovelies heading to MD for this Saturday.  Of course I just had to interview the ladies over at Bella.  Read on for more on the curious story of how all these parasols came to be! Amber French Photography How did Bella Umbrella begin? […]