Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

I love paper…well maybe that is obvious. I do however make sure never to use stunning papers as a crutch for my designs. When I see a paper that inspires I imagine how my artwork can improve or enlighten the use of decorative papers. Anyway, not to get too philosophical! I order paper from everywhere. You really have to search to find unique, high quality papers. You also have to make sure you understand paper weights and anticipate the use before you buy. There is nothing worse that purchasing paper to find you have no true use for it. One […]

Okay, I am sorry for the cheesy 80’s reference but that is all I could think as I created this seating chart! I love the super soft pale pink and contrast of rich burgundy. My lacy stamp adds such a whisper of pattern that seems so perfect for this look. I again was lucky to have this bride’s complete trust. She gave me complete creative control on this one and I loved every minute!