Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Image Courtesy of Bob O’Connor Did you ever wonder what would happen if you stood up in public and just started to dance or sing? Have you ever held back your true thoughts because you feared a negative response? Have you ever NOT done something your heart told you to?   I say stop it and so does Casey.  I’ll admit…I watch American Idol and yes, love every minute of it, this season especially because of one stand-up-bass-playing-free spirit that makes me cry every time I watch.  Casey Abrams.   This guy takes the stage with no fear, very little care […]

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. – Edgar Degas Last night I had the honor of judging local student artwork for a juried art competition that is near and dear to my heart.  You’ve heard me mention my beloved art teacher Sue Hand.  She is the mastermind behind the locally famed Rosetti art exhibit and puts as much passion into curating this show as any of her stunning watercolor paintings.  Each year I am brought in along with respected teachers and designers to accomplish the nearly impossible task of judging student works.  I know […]

While browsing through the gorgeous shots sent over by Denise, a client from earlier this year, I stumbled upon this shot.   Of course I will be featuring the full wedding here soon with all its lovely detail and stationery included but first I had to single out this particular image.  The saturated color and dancing light captured seems to fade dreamily when compared to the sheer look of joy on Denise’s face.  Sunlight seems to be a necessary component in the color palette for the day.  The sun in this shot seems to literally transform each shade of green and […]

Last week I was introduced to the work of Mike Larson Inc. I have been drooling ever since.  Next week I will be sharing a Real Momental Wedding featuring his work but until then this shot will have to do!  Whether artfully staged by the photographer or impromptu this is a shot to treasure and one that should make the mantel for sure!   Want to see more from this wedding? Photographers, have a fun shot to share;one that captures a hidden moment or a stunning moment of color?  Get in touch kristyrice@www.momentaldesigns.com

You all know how much I respect my photographer friends, right?  There is something so pure and magical about the ability to stop time, essentially crystallize an emotion and that is what I feel is at the heart of a powerful photograph.  I found this image here and simply could not stop looking. I want to be on that boat, with the wind whipping around me, just with my hubby of course.  We’ll let Christine keep Tim all to herself! Thank you to Daniel Lanton for always surprising me! Have an artful image you would like me to share here?  […]