Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

The Holidays bring out a certain nostalgia, of course, don’t we all feel it at some point?  Friends on instagram and twitter have been sharing daily thankful thoughts this month and I wish I was doing the same.  Stopping this morning to think about what I’m thankful for translated into this, I’m afraid, very sentimental, impromptu post.  I give you fair warning…. When we were first married I would hear stories from more seasoned couples, those who were married maybe 5 or more years.  Some would talk of how your love grows for the other, how it transforms and builds […]

In the studio, the word literal has no shelter.  In my world, the stuff of making art, creating impressions with something tactile like paint requires a need for embellishment both literal and figurative.  We strive to paint a picture of our couples’ love everyday without necessarily painting the whole picture.  Do you know what I mean?  We like to leave a bit to the imagination; allow for flourish to excite and delight, leaving the straightforward and documentary for snapshots on Facebook. Some of this world’s most admired artists were masters at suggestion…Van Gogh didn’t need to paint every Starry Star […]

Alberto Giacometti was first introduced to me in college by a professor who likened my figure sketches to his.  At the time I was a bit offended as I saw Giacometti as dark and messy.  Over time though, I gained an appreciation for this artist’s deconstructed figures and the elegance of his sketchy hand.  Today his moody portraits are inspiring a fun inspiration board I am calling The Ghostly Celebration.  Sure, fun for a Halloween day post but this look juxtaposes ghostly details with elegant materials and finishes fit for any time of year.  I’m working on a project currently […]

Sometimes a simple act can lead to big things.  So I attribute my new watercolor palette to a lot of the gorgeousness going on at the studio as of late.  Call me crazy but nothing inspires me more that a white sheet of Arches and a palette full of fresh, new watercolor.  Soak it up. First project off the new palette is hush hush so all I can say is I’ve been lost in lovely pink blooms for the past 2 weeks! We’re trying out new textures and techniques lately  so how appropriate that our first swatches of Momental fabric […]