Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

So I have a story for you and not the kind of story you might expect to hear after I’ve been at a fabulously orchestrated, glam conference in Las Vegas.  As on onlooker you may think our days are filled with all that is beautiful, creative and just plain wonderful.  I must admit, I have pinch-me moments often as my job, the way I make a living and support my family in most ways is a dream.    BUT, there are some days that try the soul.  Last Saturday was one of those days for me. A stationers worst nightmare came […]

Here at the Momental Studio we are all about experimentation, trying something new and just diving into projects to see where they take us!  A while back the lovely Saakshi contacted us.  She loved our lush style, patterns and sense of color.  She wasn’t exactly sure what that meant in terms of a design for her wedding but was open to our advice and vision.  We began with our classic rose illustrations combined with our newest lacy leaves pattern inside.  Washes of pink watercolor against champagne cardstock and touches of bold painted flourishes throughout were a design element present from […]

With all the Holiday madness and wrapping up last minute 2009 orders the renewal planning took a back seat.  I am sure most brides can relate to this as January 1st comes and goes you inevitably have the “oh, you know what” moment when the realization of planning to-do lists grows in your mind! Since it has been a while you can catch up on my planning story here, here, here and here.  Right now we are still on the hunt for a photographer, but I am putting my panic aside to gather my thoughts about color, food and decor.  […]