Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Yesterday I shared the story of our 10 year wedding renewal ceremony recently featured in Destination I DO magazine…Read on for more on the very colorful dinner celebration! Our original wedding as I like to call it now was lightyears away from this renewal celebration.  We did the big-party-invite-everyone-you-ever-knew thing.  It was a wonderful day and I don’t regret a bit of it.  When it came time to celebrate 10 years together, I knew it would be different.  Bold color, regional textures and flavors were the beginning.  The end was a joyous and very small celebration that made us all […]

Oh how I love this invitation suite.  Several months ago I purchased some laces, just to play and here we are.  My “playing” often leads to a stationery project that I may never have dreamed could work but for Christina, it certainly did.  The two varieties of lace acted as a closure along with the silvery satin ribbon tie.  I love the delicate design of the lace contrasted by it sumptious, cottony texture – lovely! Her lacy artwork choice was hand painted with a vibrant coral ink and then embellished with tiny rhinestones throughout. Thank you Christina for trusting us […]

One of the best things in my inbox this week…this sneak peek from Lindsey at Green Apple Photography.  She was kind enough to send along an unedited selection of shots for us to share with guests at tomorrow’s party.  Thank you Lindsey for your time, talent and artistry.  Adam and I were honored to have you participate in our Renewal experience. There is more to come…details, day after cuddle shoot and more….I can’t wait to share.

The hubby, myself and my parents have been enjoying Zion Canyon this past week in preparation for the Renewal Ceremony tomorrow.  I simply cannot believe it is here.  Seeing our ideas unfold as we created a metaphorical and meaningful ceremony and celebration has been the perfect way to honor our last 10 years together. Mom and I on an unmarked trail headed towards The Court of the Patriarchs in Zion National Park. During our stay I have been able to make some time for impromptu stops at local markets to find last minute details to pull my renewal tablescape together.  […]

Yay!  We have found our photographer!  After a roller coaster ride of a search over the last 5 months the hubby and I have finally found our perfect photographer!  Choosing the photographer for our first wedding was a bit different primarily since this was before the wonderful word blog was part of our vocabularies – can you believe it?!   We traveled to many studios and sat for hours thumbing through heavy, dark, leather bound albums to find the perfect match.  This time around the process was quite different. One of the greatest parts about being a part of this industry […]