Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

While on vacation or any experience outside of the studio my husband always asks “why must you be painting and drawing all the time, just take a break!”    The truth is painting and sketching is how I experience my world.  Much like taking a hike or tasting new food, painting for me is a way to interact and experience. During the last Engage event in Grand Cayman I began to sketch.  Being entirely inspired by all the fab shoes, styles and personalities I needed a way to record the experiences on paper.  My sketches become a way to not only […]

So it has come to my third and final recap (See Part I and II) post of Engage 09!  Sadly the event has passed but perhaps what I am left cherishing most are the connections made during the three days in Grand Cayman.  Of course  the stylish events and invigorating speakers were all priceless and will resonate in my mind  for years to come BUT the personal connections, might I say “Inspired Networking” will, I believe, prove to be the most impacting. From top right, Lindsey from Fresh Lime Events, Ciara from Firefly Ocassions, Sara from Bella Notte Events,  Donna […]

Laura Hooper created the most darling map and itinerary for the event.  I was excited to pull it out each time I needed a reminder of my schedule!   Michelle Rago’s perfect beachside party favor was an unexpected end to the beach celebration highlighted here. Rebecca’s famous swag certainly was a hit (check out the swag from Engage08: The Encore).  My bag is now much lighter after sharing the goods with The Momental Girls.  The patent leather white polka dot bag was stuffed with everything from rum cake and aqua pashminas to stunning handcrafted earrings and Cayman native glass sculptures to […]

I arrived in Cayman last Friday 2 days ahead of the much anticipated start to Engage09: Something Blue.  Last October Engage08:The Encore was an exciting taste of all the luxury wedding industry has to offer and needless to say I was hooked!   Amazingly smart individuals, big ideas and savvy networking are all reasons I just had to return for Engaging Concepts 3rd smash event. My time in Cayman began with a day and a half to enjoy the silky white sand and crystal blue waters.   The cool touch of the ocean water let me know instantly I was in for […]