Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Sharing this wedding was a long time coming, but hopefully worth the wait.  Elizabeth Messina is an icon in our industry.  One who has the gift and magic of capturing light through her lens.  She seizes time and crystallizes heartfelt moments with a click and the charm of her gifted eye for composition.  When our bride Veronica mentioned she splurged on photography, I knew we were all in for something incredible. Featured in the premier issue of the London based, Reverie Magazine, Veronica and Evan’s celebration was brimming with carefully curated details.  Possibly my favorite of the day were the […]

In the studio, the word literal has no shelter.  In my world, the stuff of making art, creating impressions with something tactile like paint requires a need for embellishment both literal and figurative.  We strive to paint a picture of our couples’ love everyday without necessarily painting the whole picture.  Do you know what I mean?  We like to leave a bit to the imagination; allow for flourish to excite and delight, leaving the straightforward and documentary for snapshots on Facebook. Some of this world’s most admired artists were masters at suggestion…Van Gogh didn’t need to paint every Starry Star […]

Been dying to share some never before seen shots of this Seaside Wedding Shower recently featured in C Magazine!  Leila of Be Inspired PR produced the entire event and chose a team to collaborate  for Nati, the lovely bride. This shell encrusted private estate in Malibu was the inspiration for a pencil sketched pattern of peonies in various stages of bloom.  A clean shell border added to the eclectic palette of artwork… Words like lush, shimmering, seaside and florals were forwarded as I began to design.  A  glistening palette of golds and pinks were at the heart of every last […]

Elizabeth Messina Every so often I feel the need to wax poetic; please forgive me in advance…today is one of those days.  After creating handmade, hand painted wedding invitations for over 7 years, building a team of 8+ employees and traversing the many highs and lows that owning a business can bring; this girl needs to take a moment and just be grateful.  It seems in this life we breeze about our days in a rush to the next big moment, project or trip.  We scoop up every opportunity to make a name for ourselves, our employees and for me […]