Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

So I had this idea… Those are the words that get me into trouble time and time again…the good kind of trouble. After seeing Oprah’s February 2012 cover by chalk artist Dana Tanamachi I just had to find a way to re-interpret the concept in watercolor!  A quick email to Eco-Beautiful Magazine editor, Katie Martin and the project was underway!  The Eco-Beautiful team hosted us in Baltimore to make sure everything went just perfectly and of course so we could hand paint any finishing touches onsite.    We painted 3 murals for the cover editorial and the issue launched last […]

In November Katie Martin, the super stylish gal behind Eco Beautiful Weddings Magazine asked me to create a collection inspired by cotton.    Her directions were simple;  make it Eco-friendly (of course) and use the colors yellow and blue.  I like to surprise people.  It is a secret delight for me to shock a bit.  We are known for our lavishly hand painted, romantic floral artwork where fussiness reigns and shimmer and sheen are paramount.  What many don’t know is that the Momental team is filled with young women bearing varied talents and differing aesthetics.  Steph and I worked on […]

The highly anticipated launch of the Eco Beautiful Magazine is here!  I had a quiet moment to browse the pages and was nothing short of blown away by the smart layout, design, content and artistry obvious on each and every page.  Eco Beautiful is the brainchild of Katie Martin, owner of Elegant and Simplicity Wedding Design Firm and one of the nation’s leading Eco-Friendly Wedding Planners.  Katie contacted me several months ago, educated me about this project and asked that I create something exclusive for Eco Beautiful.  I was honored. Eco-conscious stationery at Momental Designs usually involves using  less paper […]

Green, eco, earth friendly (ooh that’s an old one); whatever way you say it, the green movement is here to stay making it more a lifestyle than anything else.   Brides now more than ever are looking for ways to be “green”.  This eco-conscious sensibility goes far beyond simply eliminating enclosure cards in your invite and serving sustainable food.  Couples are searching for ways to re-use, re-cycle, re-anything in beautiful yet mindful ways. Eco-Beautiful Weddings, launched earlier this week  is answering the call so many resourceful brides are making.  How can I be more eco-friendly in my planning and do it […]