Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Hiring a new employee is always terribly nerve wracking for both parties involved.  When I met Steph for the first time, my nerves were instantly calmed.  Her bubbly presence mixed with a serious sense of her own artistic style and knowledge of the wedding industry were impressive.  It is not often that silkscreen save the date hankies are part of a prospective employees portfolio.  Steph is now our newest Momental Girl and we already love her.  Now here comes the fun part….she is getting married!!  Yes, there it is, the news I have been dying to share.  One of our […]

Elizabeth Messina Every so often I feel the need to wax poetic; please forgive me in advance…today is one of those days.  After creating handmade, hand painted wedding invitations for over 7 years, building a team of 8+ employees and traversing the many highs and lows that owning a business can bring; this girl needs to take a moment and just be grateful.  It seems in this life we breeze about our days in a rush to the next big moment, project or trip.  We scoop up every opportunity to make a name for ourselves, our employees and for me […]