Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Get ready, you are in for a long read…but there will be fun photos I promise, all thanks to the amazing mel and co.   Last week I was away from the studio.  I love to travel but my business time away from the Momental Girls and our work at the studio is precious; aka, I don’t attend every conference out there.  I choose carefully.  The Engage symposiums are lovingly crafted by two women who consistently change their game, in a good way.  They raise the bar and give it a good throw, if you know what I mean.   They […]

We’ve been working with Michelle and Christopher for months creating a flurry of highly custom paper pieces for their intimate wedding ceremony in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and wedding celebration in Newcastle, California.   Michelle recently sent over this image from her Engagement shoot.  While I love to prop and style, primp and perfect, this shot stopped me in my tracks.  Its tender look and honest beauty moved me and I’ve not forgotten the image since.  The photographer was able to capture this sweet moment, a quick embrace, a candid smile that I am sure Michelle and Chris will cherish forever.  No […]