Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

I picked up copies of Bridal Guide’s newest issue this weekend and am beyond thrilled to have our painted record table numbers featured on page 110!   Lately, I’ve been collecting vintage pieces and finding ways to work them into table decor, programs and even wedding invitations.  Our new Curated Collection is evidence of my flea market find experimentations! For this piece I simply hand wrote the table numbers with a brush and white ink.  Each bloom was drawn, free-hand in the same white ink and then filled with luscious shades of gold.  Simple, pretty and fun!   Big hugs […]

I am so proud and have been counting the days until I could share the news with you all.  As you know my team, the lovely Momental Girls are the heart and soul of the studio.  Our work, my art, this studio could not be what it is without them.  The biggest yet most unexpected  joy of running this business grew from the knowledge that I have built a team of proud and talented women who inspire me daily.  Last summer a flurry of samples were on the painting table ready to ship to the lovely Leila.  Days were spent […]