Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Dana Tanamachi’s phone is ringing, guaranteed.  This girl is talented and Oprah noticed. Enough said.  Well, not really… The mail was delivered and sitting on my counter was this delightful cover.  At first glance I noticed, Oprah of course, in her fab diggs and bold colors, but quickly I knew something was different. The distinct, ever so tentative lines of texture, that for me define that “sketched” feeling came popping off the page.  I was hooked.  Now every time I see Oprah’s newest magazine cover, I stop.   In the grocery store, online, wherever, I am frozen for a moment admiring […]

A few weeks ago I met Elsa.  Not in person but it certainly felt like a face to face encounter since the tone and text of Elsa’s blogs seem to reach out to me like a long lost friend.  Elsa Mora is a true artist.  You might have heard me use the phrase before so let me explain…  A true artist:  an individual whose every move, make and mood speaks of their art.  They embody their expression with each step they take, however mundane.  True artists in my book, make lots of something out of nothing and never wait for […]

Shanan Campanaro of Eskayel makes the most gorgeous watercolor pieces and after years of exhibiting to much acclaim in the art world, began offering a collection of wallpapers in 2009.    Look on…. By manipulating portions of her original paintings, she creates innovative pattern work that turns walls into wonderlands.

It is always terribly exciting when the Anthropologie catalog arrives, although a stretch to call this publication a catalog…the word seems to impersonal and cold.  While flipping through for the first of many times, my eye stopped cold on a page.  First the washy yet vibrant color caught my eye. I scanned the page to discover the artist.  Rebekah Maysles. I was in love.  Rebekah’s watercolor prints adorn everything from journals to bed linens on the Anthropologie site but that makes them no less fine art in my book.  Her eye for color mixes with a distinctly urban vibe for […]

A few week’s back I noticed a tweet from Carissa of JL Designs.  I clicked on the link to find the work of Installation Artist David Stark.  Having seen his work previously I knew I was in for some serious eye candy.  To celebrate the launch of his new book David Stark Design a paper flower shop installation was erected at the West Elm store on Broadway and 62nd Street in New York City.  Literally everything in the shop was created out of paper from the walls and telephone to gardening tools and individual orchid blooms.  Discarded books became pretty […]