Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

If you missed part I of my Behind the Scenes on our Arabian Days project for Rue Magazine, then head here!  Today I am excited to share some never before seen shots by the one and only (yes, cheesy I know, but true) Jose Villa.  Jose has a way. That should be his tagline, not that he needs one, but if he did, that could be it.  He just has a way. A way to capture a fleeting second in time with more beauty and grace than most.  A way to take a small texture or perfect petal and transform […]

Happy to report we are up and running here at the Momental Studio, aka, the power is back!  I spent part of my morning watching national news of the devastation in parts of New Jersey, Vermont and beyond.  I cannot help but feel lucky as so many are suffering so much.  Our small blip in electricity seems miniscule.   Just the same, thank you to everyone for being so kind and patient for the past few days! As promised I am thrilled to share a special project with you.  One that, when I look at each image I am transported […]