Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

When it comes to parties, weddings and anything celebratory I am just bursting with ideas.  My mind first wanders to ponder all the exciting stationery opportunities that are possible. You can imagine my excitement when the hubby and I decided to throw a bash celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary next year!  Beginning with a few days in Zion National Park and ending with a celebration in PA there are so many details to consider.   We decided to renew our vows in Zion; a magical place that holds so much meaning for us both.  We feel connected to the landscape and […]

We moved into the new studio on April 26th. It was a whirlwind day. The move had to be completed from beginning to end in one weekend to ensure no downtime over the weeks to follow. With the help of my family and friends the task went perfectly! We have been working in the new space for just over one month now and couldn’t be happier!!

For quite some time my studio space has been bursting at the seams…I simply have no more room! Over the last year and a half the studio seems to be getting smaller and smaller, especially when several people are working on a project at one time. Take a look at the plans for my new space! Of course, these are planning shots and don’t reflect the personality I plan infuse into the space. I am so very lucky to have amazing inlaws who are allowing me to utilize this vacant commercial space. It really is the perfect next step for […]