Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Well it is that time again, when we are all racing around to find the perfect gift for each person on our list.  I personally am a fan of finding the useful but unusual.  I also attempt to draw out the artist in each gift I give…so this year my gift guide is full of some favorites: Spongeables Pedi-Scrub – Okay so certainly not the most romantic gift,  I know but an essential for anyone on your list who is likely to stand, run, walk or pamper – so pretty much anyone 🙂  I tend to buy these in bulk […]

Today is THE day.  Even though we are preparing for a flurry of celebrations over the next few weeks, today is the real day to celebrate.  10 years ago today two kids embarked on the adventure of their lives.  Adam and I said I DO, to what has been a crazy ride…one that I never want to get off of. Yes, it is true, we were high school sweethearts…enter the ahh’s…:) Me in red, some not-so-good lookin’ fake nails and him, with those glasses, agh!  But we were in love and somehow knew, even then, we would be seeing a […]

Today’s post is a combination of An Artful Life and Artful Admirations.    Through a look into my home I would like to introduce you to the work of the artist behind one of my most prized art collections.  Years ago when I first began my business I traveled to Art shows locally selling my stationery.  I met wonderful artists in my travels,  many of whom I still see today.   One of these artists is Stephanie Elizabeth whose forte is painting found objects with her signature style.  I adore Stephanie’s snowmen as evidenced by my Holiday entryway decor.  Join me for […]

An inpromptu trip to a local Antique market last weekend was all I needed to get inspired.  Last week I announced that The Hubby and I are planning a wedding vow renewal bash.  I must admit settling on a color palette has been difficult for me.   Wandering around the Antique Center I was repeatedly drawn to the vintage tablecloths in so many of the booths.  Picking up a simple piece with light orange and yellow roses, worn from use and frayed a bit on the edges I was immediately drawn in.  At that moment I knew the search for our […]

The day I have been waiting for, losing sleep over and after hours prepping for is finally complete! Shane East lugged his gear to the studio and set up a traveling photo studio to capture nearly 1500 shots just in the first day(more to come on Thursday). The studio was a mess of paper, paint and flower pieces being tossed/placed here and there to create the perfect environment for our invites. To experience these collections come to life on camera was quite exhilarating. I can hardly wait for the new website launch in only 3 weeks! Each collection was “organized” […]