Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

We are in high season here at the studio with projects wrapping up everyday and shipping all over the world literally.  The Momental Girls impress me more and more each day with their incredible creativity, passion and above all dedication to meticulous quality.  Ladies, you rock…keep doing what you do so well!  This week some of our favorites included an Alice in Wonderland nod, a whimsical Vintage Lacy Tree Wedding Invitation and a clever timeline wedding invitation.  Katerina got in touch a few short weeks ago to begin creating her daughter’s Baptism Invitations.  How adorable is Violetta? Felicia’s sweet Vintage […]

So here is a bit more Alice in Wonderland goodness from the Momental Girls.  I love creating a frame look of sorts, combining various artwork elements.  Here Alice herself, hearts, vines and even umbrellas all came together to create a whimsical frame of hand painted artwork.  Have I also mentioned the color palette here is perfect with a soft blue balanced by whites and bold red! Wendy’s sweet design was inspired specifically by the new Alice in Wonderland movie.  Our amazing Jessica is the artist behind this invitation and I just love what she created! As I mentioned yesterday, I […]

I must admit, I have yet to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie, but from all the chatter I have heard I am becoming increasingly intrigued and think perhaps I have my weekend plans set!  For the last year or so, we have seen an increase in requests for designs inspired by the Lewis Carroll stories, that really started it all.  The design we created for Steven last year began our personal Alice Craze and it hasn’t slowed down yet! This two part post will give you a better look at the designs I and the Momental Girls have […]