Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

It has been a while since my last Peek into the Studio but hopefully these three designs will make up for the absence!  My Versailles swirl created for a client nearly two years ago has truly taken on a life of its own since then.  Originally inspired by an aerial view of Versailles Gardens,  the swirl illustration lends itself to a variety of add-ins that truly personalize the look for a wide variety of projects. Kim’s swirl pattern incorporated several gold Fleur de Lis throughout the pattern.  An uncommon combination of gold and silver was balanced her by a strong […]

It has been a while since I have given you a peek into the studio.  We are swamped and LOVING every minute of it.  Client projects are shipping daily and I think we owe our UPS guy a massage gift certificate.   The seasons pass before our eyes each year with our invitation designs as a barometer of sorts.  This week I chose four unique projects that we just adored creating. Miguelina’s posh and bold buckle wedding invitation in shades of fuchsia and orange really grabs your eye!  Anne’s soft and subtle Contrast Painted white peony is stunning against her […]

This time of year at the studio is insane to say the least, the good type of insane that keeps you creative and full of ideas, though.  With many orders leaving the studio each day it is so difficult to choose our favorites but inevitably certain painting techniques or color palettes really draw us in! We have been creating a new invitation  style at the studio lately lovingly titled the Painted Landscape.  Originally inspired by Tonya’s design, many brides have followed suit requesting lush watercolor illustrations to literally fill the invitation space, where wording become secondary.  The girls had a […]

The studio is buzzing and we are working our tails off here!  Jess has been helping me lately with the rush of samples recently and we love her gorgeous landscapes and venue illustrations!  Early spring weddings are in full swing and bloom as you can see.  Emily’s  precious pink dogwoods with hand painted pink and pretty white dots are a studio favorite this week.  Mary Lou’s stationery collection has inspired countless brides lately and this reception celebration invitation takes the cake.  I love how the completely hand painted white roses just pop off the page! Michele and Tom’s  chose a […]

After having one of the most amazing weeks of my life, I began reflecting more on 2009 this morning.  I have been surrounded by so many talented friends who have truly rallied around the work done here at the Momental Studio.  I’m a big dreamer and an even bigger doer but those I have met over the last year and their reactions to my work make the experience truly meaningful. After sitting down to write an honest post last August about how my hand painted wedding invitations came to be I was floored by the response.  During the last 6 […]