Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

The end of September into October always mean a lot of travel for me.  We start with my birthday, then the hubby’s and of course 4 days in NYC for Bridal Market.  Before I know it each, year October comes and goes in a blink.   So today’s post is my attempt to slow things down, just a smidge…. Mom and Dad treated the Hubby and I to a weekend in Cape May to celebrate our Birthdays.  Beginning with a horse carriage tour of this iconic seaside town and ending with a glorious sunset, I couldn’t have imagined a more relaxing […]

Today’s post is as varied as it’s title.  I’m proud everyday of not only the quality of work we create but also the variety.  Early on my art teacher, Sue Hand encouraged me to experiment with many different mediums and techniques.  Her suggestions stuck and to this day, myself and Jessica (my right hand when it comes to creating art at the studio) are nothing if not versatile. Demetri’s sample is a great example.  Jess can sketch architecture with pinpoint accuracy while I tend to enjoy a more loose interpretation.  For Demetri’s piece Jess sketched his Monterey Museum of Art […]

Pinter-what?  By now, anyone who spends at least an hour online each day, knows about the lovely little not-so-secret Pinterest.  Actually, it seems EVERYONE is on Pinterest these days.  I call it the “useful time killer”, as spending 3 hours on picking and pinning can feel like 5 minutes.  At least after it all you have a sweet collection of visuals to show for your time!  So I’m curious… how are you using Pinterest?  Okay, I’ll go first. 1.  Special projects – Want to see what new shoot is on the horizon at the studio or fun project I am […]

It’s that time of year again.  Each year I ask The Momental Girls to decorate their studio stockings!  This year our team has changed a bit so it is super fun to see the new personalities emerge!  Big love to this team of women I am proud to know…here’s to a fun and fabulous Christmas week!  Oh and keep checking those stockings ladies, lots of treats to come throughout the week! From top right: Jess D. is my uber talented Creative Assistant who is always sculpting, cutting, painting and figuring something out for me.  Paper-cutting is apparently included in her […]