Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

It’s 10:30 on Friday night as I write this after spending two days preparing for Jess and Brad’s wedding, nearly falling asleep at the keyboard, from the most delicious type of exhaustion there is.  In just 9 short hours, we will be at it again bringing all the last minute details together, so I’ll keep it short.  Good things are happening tomorrow, and I’m proud to be part of it all. Just about two years ago, Jess came to the studio for an invitation artist interview.  She lugged in random messy oil paintings, day of the dead sculptures and exquisite […]

Jillian McGrath Photography It is hard to believe our crazy, creative Momental Girl Jess is getting hitched in just 3 days!  The ring was on her finger in December and now only a few short months later, she and Brad have assembled the vision and verve to pull off an epic affair.  I don’t throw around the word epic much, I think it is far too overused.   However epic here is appropriate because these two have stuck to their vision, stayed true to themselves and crafted a smashing event on a dime.  They paid attention to whats most important and […]

Jess is a DIY girl at heart.  From lace bunting to quirky signage built by the groom, this wedding will be full of hand crafted moments.  FiftyFlowers.com offered to help out a bit with Jess’s blooms as have I!  I tried my hand at floral design back in 2010 to celebrate the hubby and my 10 year renewal.  Mom and I plucked and pruned over 500 stems and now consider ourselves accomplished novices of the art.  So two Thursday’s from now, I will be knee deep in flowers, prepping all the flora for this Momental Girl’s Wedding! I use the […]

Today you are in for a treat!  Our Momental Girl getting hitched in September chose a photographer whose respect for art history and curious aesthetic suit the wedding just beautifully.  So read on as I got to know Amber of ADG Photography in this fun interview.  From an impromptu Chiaroscuro shot in Fontfill Castle (will make your heart skip a beat)  to some Dorthea Lange vintage, this gal knows her stuff and herself…. What inspires you the most on a daily basis? Art, in all its forms. Whether it be the music that I am listening to, a painting that […]

It’s been a while since I posted about our Momental Girl on her way to the wedding.  Remember Jess?  As with most couples planning, the begining stages are filled with a flurry of planning and then it tapers off to only lead to a certain sense of panic about 4 months before!  Well here we are, with Jess’s wedding in September and all the lovely details are starting to stack up. One in particular is a little shower I’m planning.  Just the Momental Girls and some friends but all decked out in full gothic-dingy-slightly spanish-inspired eclectic mess of pretty Jess […]