Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

This is where it all began.  My love for the west, redrock landscapes and the clear, crisp air of the desert landscape-it began with a painting.  Years ago, when the hubby and I took our first trip out west, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go honestly.  He was thrilled at the prospect of seeing our nation but me? I  would have preferred a trip to the beach.  My lackluster sentiments stopped very soon after we drove across the New Mexico border.  Plants and land I had never experienced, wide open spaces mixed with towering rocks were all I needed to get hooked.  As we drove further west, I pulled out my paints and water and began a lifelong love affair with this area of our country.  Visiting Zion National Park for the first time, struck me so deeply it is difficult to put into words.   Experiencing Zion with my brush and paints makes me feel lucky to be alive and have eyes.   Being so close to nature’s magic and feeling completely immersed in it builds character, fosters humility and gives profound gift of being part of a naturally occurring beauty.

So why am I sharing all this, you might be wondering?   Our renewal plans began with a simple idea; to celebrate and share our love with friends and family.  The hubby and I are two very different individuals since marrying ten years ago.  Many experiences have shaped us but mostly so have been our travels out west.  We fell further in love with each other with every mile driven, every walk taken and every new discovery.
As our renewal planning takes a hurried pace I wanted to remember the truth that has brought us to this point.  Our love and experience is what is most profound in this planning experience.  Cakes, dresses, music choices and yes even invitations are all gravy.


  1. Sharon Alexander

    So excited for you and glad to like someone who appreciates the desert so much! LOVE the desert! Sending hugs and cheer to you….

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