Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice




A clean architectural silhouette brushed with a bit of shimmering ink...


Modern for me as an artist and designer speaks of clean lines, edited details and uncommon materials.  Modern for me isn’t always limited color palettes or minimal textures.

{Modern on the contrary is the effortless dance between glimmers of tradition and interpreted techniques.}

Perhaps a full painting is whittled down to a single, expressive brushstroke.  In the same vain a modern aesthetic can transform a detailed architectural illustration into an edited silhouette flooded with watercolor moments.

Lindsay and Anthony’s design process evolved only slightly from their original concept, you can witness this evolution and get a peek at their invitation design in development here!

{More Modern details}


  1. 4weddings

    Wow, that’s something new! The final product looks amazing!

  2. Yours Truly Wedding Albums

    Those are all beautiful wedding invitations. Especially the one with a touch of gold or yellow. I really like how you add it on the invitation.