Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

You may have seen our feature on Green Wedding Shoes last week?  Well let me tell you a story…

Dresses by The Dessy Group

There is nothing I enjoy painting more than florals.  For years I tried to hide that fact and make nice with every design trend that passed my nose.  Being versatile keeps things interesting, so I do love a good landscape painting session or sitting down with the pencil to craft a new pattern, BUT my first love will always be floral.

When Envelopments approached me about collaborating on a watercolor pattern featuring the floral designs I had become known for, I was ecstatic.  In late December, Envelopments launched Trellis, a collection of new patterns created from my watercolors painted exclusively for the project.

Trellis is available here and through countless designers and stationery boutiques nationwide.  Pretty pockets, papers, envelopes;  all waiting to make their mark on your wedding stationery.

To express my love for this pattern, its versatility and the heart that I and the talented designer Ramon poured into its development, I created a world where Trellis reigned.  A world where delicate petals in repeat became fabric upholstery and cut-out shapes for a paper wedding bouquet.  A world where flowers and passion create an imaginary place, here if only to put a smile on our faces.  A world that makes me happy every time I look.

Trellis is made of delicate elements like paint drops, textured petals, queen anne’s lace inspired greens and a bit of watercolor stripe.  Seen in full it is romantic, girly and formal.  Just a thin peek at Trellis and it becomes an earthy and organic statement.

Calligraphy by Meant to Be

At another glance Trellis is young, modern and graphic…

Next it can be artful and unfussy, something even the groom could approve of…

Photography by Swoon Over It Studio

So thank you for reading and stay tuned this week as I dive deeper into the project that we lovingly call Trellis Shoot.  Loads of stationery, decor and wedding inspiration to follow this week!  XO


  1. Holly

    Up close and personal 🙂 RT @RiceInk: {New RiceInk Post} My Story is Art – Trellis Pattern for Envelopments, An Intro: http://bit.ly/zskXYZ

  2. Holly

    All that and a wicked sense of humor too! RT @RiceInk: Everyone say hello to @Envelopments_RG the talent behind this http://bit.ly/xgpy5M

  3. Mark Smith

    I am still wowed every time I look at this project! RT @RiceInk: My Story is Art – Trellis Pattern for Envelopments…http://t.co/Pkbi1DgM

  4. Ramon

    It was always amazing to open an email with a new image of a flower, but to see what it looked like from your end… paints, brushes and paper strewn about it so exciting. I’d love to catch a live show of you painting sometime! Thanks for the behind the scenes peek.

  5. Sunire

    Wow great!Truly realise perfect combination of personality and art.

  6. Ramon Gomez

    What a great thing to wake up to! Thanks K! RT @RiceInk: Everyone say hello to @Envelopments_RG the talent behind this http://bit.ly/xB2ylP

  7. Christina

    Wow, you really are an amazing artist, and what a wonderful ide to offer your skills for peoples weddings. It would really make things personalised.

  8. anglelafox

    Wow, i always admire people who is good at painting! For they can make things personalised & DIY many things themselves! You really are an amazing artist.