Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice




Summer is in full swing and somehow this year Summer seems that much sweeter.  As many of you know we had an insane Spring working with tons of amazing couples including Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas.  Not taking many breaks for the better part of this year I’ve just now begun settling into to a bit of a slower pace.  Taking time to paint and breathe a bit more than I had become accustomed to over the last months.

Revisiting an old favorite from college, gouache has made its way back into my palette…gouache is essentially a milky watercolor if you will, so the ethereal quality of watercolor is intensified with gouache.

With a some help we put in a huge Dahlia garden and the blooms are just pouring out daily, so much so I can’t even keep up – giving away armfuls to friends is key…  We have nearly 20 different varieties happening and of course I’m taking every opportunity to capture them with my brush.  Thanks Mom for my pretty harvest basket!

Armed with three palettes currently I am so loving experimenting with combinations of pure pigment, traditional watercolor and gouache.  The mix and mingling of the three are thrilling to say the least – covering all artistic ground between sheer delicate textures and saturated drama.  I’m smitten.

Having some time to breathe these days has led to good things – you take time to think, process and imagine a bit.  Having a minute to breathe breeds inspiration and innovation – breathing led me to dig up my old dried out tubes of college paint – inspired me to lean into an old friend in gouache and see where it took me.

So breathe a bit, see where it takes you….


  1. Alexandra Jusino

    Kristy, I love that you are quite the little gardener too and one heck of a flower designer. Oh and yeah that painting thing too. You seem pretty darn good at that too! Love this post.

  2. La Jolla Wedding

    You are one talented woman!