Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Front porch painting days are divine.  The last few weekends I’ve made a point to step outside and set up painting camp in the fresh air.  Every year we will fill our wraparound porch with massive hanging baskets and this year they have become inspiration for a few new patterns.  The fuchsia this year are amaze…I can’t get enough of the plump little blossoms in the most vibrant shades…

I pluck a few select blooms and float in white milk glass.  Saw the pattern unfold before I even grabbed my pencil.

The pups love hanging out with me as I develop the watercolor washes, layer after layer.

The finished pattern with a rich watercolor backdrop of burgundy, violet and cobalt blue touches.

Liene Stevens blogged an incredible commencement speech by Nipun Mehta this week centered around the concept of walking.  Walking to see the world, to slow down and take it all in.  Walking to help you scratch the surface of this life with a 180 degree view.  Painting is my walk. What is yours?


  1. Juliet Douglas

    Wow! That is so beautiful Kristy. I love the vibrant colors.

    • kristy

      Thanks Juliet! I’m having fun with the mix of brights and intense colors…

  2. Liene Stevens

    Despite all of the art and music classes I took growing up (tangents of which have come in very handy in my career now), the one thing I always come back to is writing. Writing is my walk. It is something I do every day, whether it sees the publish button or not. Just me, a pen that writes well, and a good old-fashioned journal (quality spiral bound are my fave because then you’re not exerting all your energy holding the thing open the whole time). Writing is my walk and more specifically, the old-fashioned way: pen and paper and cursive. Typing just doesn’t have the same emotional release for me. : )

    • kristy

      Beautifully said Liene and I have to agree with you on the spiral bound journals. The only way to go.

  3. Earl Anderson

    Speechless. So beautiful.

  4. London Accountant

    So beautiful – even more so than the original I’d say.

  5. Danette Bares

    Girl!! You are not walking you are running and definately winning the race while enjoying the scenery.

  6. Karen @ Wedding Flowers Co

    Very beautiful…I absolutely do not have the talent to paint, but I do recognize it when I see it!