Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

I paint everyday.  Mostly for couples, to tell their beautiful love  stories.

This pattern tells my story.  At a shoot in Baltimore for Eco Beautiful Magazine, I fell in love with a bouquet on site.  The team found me hovering over the darn thing between sessions sketching feverishly.  The bouquet went home with me as a parting gift and within the next 24 hours this watercolor evolved.  It is now a full scale pattern and making it’s way into some newness at the studio that has me tingling.

Neon brights mingled with golden tones…a bit of pen and ink and mindful white space.  This pattern tells my story in bright hues and reserved details.  It is my heart and I can’t seem to get enough…


  1. heidi

    this is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Danette Bares

    Sooooooooooooo wonderful!!!!!

  3. Katie Martin

    I am so flattered! I loved making this bouquet and your drawing is just so beautiful (as always)! Thanks again for making this the most beautiful issue of Eco-Beautiful Weddings magazine ever!!!

  4. Natalie Brooke

    May I use this as my twitter background? I just adore it. xxo