Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

I had this idea…what if we could capture a painting unfolding on film, what if?  You say or think the words hand painted invitations…cool idea, must be pretty.  BUT to be able to show how the hand painting happens, to witness the simple pencil lines evolve into layers of watercolor substance is an entirely different experience.  I’ve been painting since I was five.  A blank paper in front of me that somehow imagines itself from the flick of my wrist is a joy I am familiar with and still awed by daily.  But how to capture this for all to see and sense?

I called on Natalie of Birdhouse Productions for her keen eye and insight.  Ideas and abstract concepts passed back and forth in email much like a grand composition coming to life.  The morning of filming I truly had no idea what would imagine itself on that very white sheet of watercolor paper.  I was armed with buckets of flowers, my favorite brushes, palette and a comfy seat at my painting table.  Much like any other day of painting, except with two cameras pointed at me.  The cameras soon washed away as I mixed color – I was in my moment.  I’m grateful to have that moment on film…

The short story…

Kristy Rice • Neon Pink Watercolor Story (Short) from birdhouse productions. on Vimeo.

The long story…

Kristy Rice • Neon Pink Watercolor Story from birdhouse productions. on Vimeo.

You can see more of this watercolor story in the newest issue of Utterly Engaged.  We’re so honored to be alongside Jill and Ryan McGrath as contributors to the Wanderlust issue.  Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Natalie.  She is a creative force to be reckoned with and all I can say is when can we do this again?


  1. Natalie Fava

    Tomorrow? 🙂 Had so much fun filming this project for you Kristy. I hope this is only the beginning of your watercolor stories coming to life on video…!!

  2. Wed Weekly

    LOVE this video!!

  3. Victoria Cameron

    Incredibly lucky to have Kristy Rice from Momental Designs creating the stationery for one of my couples.

    This video is beautiful!!