Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Every year, twice a year I head off to some lovely location to mingle with industry friends at the legendary wedding symposiums called Engage!  The experience of Engage! goes far beyond mingling, to a higher place where like-minded artists get to let their hair down, speak freely and get to the heart of what it is we do everyday…tell love stories.

So a little peek at all the fun to start from Lori and Matt of I Do Films in Chicago…Look closely, you get to see me painting a bit in here!

Don’t let the artful decor and brilliantly branded swag be all that you see…This symposium is serious stuff and is the springboard for many innovations.   At any moment you can hear the ammunition of big ideas gearing up.  Small conversations by the pool, big groups laughing and dreaming up their next partnership; it all happens at Engage!, the fun of life, the beauty of life and yes the big ideas that make this life so worth it.

Mind-Blowing gifting and swag by Gifts for the Good Life

Every year I sketch Engage!  I never need to look far to get inspired.  This year the team at Bob Gail Events designed the stage where all the speaker magic happened.  Chevron stripes, delicious patterns, texture made with succulents all wrapped up into an innovative design to catch my eye again and again.  This year I went beyond the fleeting sketch, and whipped out my full palette and brushes.  Each day I began I painting inspired by whatever caught my attention first.

Opening Session – Instantly enamored by the painted succulents I created a quick study…

Day 2 – Powerful words from Sharon Sacks inspired a richly colored study of the signature Engage!12 patterns and watercolor textures.  Sharon remind us that we are “dream makers”.  Love.

Day 3 – All about gold.  The signature Engage!12 burst became my muse as I interpreted each and every detail in quirky ink and paint.

I’m not asleep here, promise.  But seriously just had to share this shot.  I never get to see myself painting!

Thanks to Readyluck Photography and Scott Clark Photography for this shot and all the others.  XO

More to come!


  1. Elisheva Basseri

    I wish I had sat next to you to watch you create – your talent is aMAZing. Thanks for sharing it! http://bit.ly/MCFzmO

  2. Michele Schwartz

    I got to sit next to you and watch while you sketched Syliva! You’re so amazingly talented! And, I will always remember you for the advice you gave us “1 ballers” at our opening session! Pick 5 to-dos off our list and do them THIS week! I’m on it! I sooo hope I get to pay it forward and give advice at future Engage events!


    • kristy

      Michele, You are so sweet and trust me, my advice works!! Please come back to Engage! and share all the stories that are now in the making!! XO So good to meet you!

  3. Juliet Douglas

    So nice to meet you at Engage! Love your paintings of Engage and your recap!

  4. Wedding Invitations

    Woah! Such great talent 😀 Post more pics please?

  5. Brian Worley

    Amazing work, I too, wish that I sat next to you at this event! Wonderful, thanks for sharing! I can’t wait for next year…

  6. kristy

    Thanks so much Brian!