Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Jose Villa

Bossa Nova, the music genre that seems to melt into the air when you listen, you know the one.  Admittedly I don’t know much about the history of Bossa Nova so I began to do a little research on the music that always puts me at ease and well, makes me want to grab my palette and get lost for hours in brushes and paint.

In Brazil, to do something with “Bossa” is to do it with particular charm and natural flair.  I read that sentence last week and haven’t been able to shake its impact.   Starting to think about Bossa my mind immediately went to my art.  The one thing that drives my every waking hour, the thing that makes me, me.  Often I examine my paintings or client samples with a critical, more technical eye.  I look at details like color, composition and tone every day, over and over.  Refinement in this job comes from years of honing the skills of myself and the team but last week my thoughts drifted far away from refinement to a less concrete place where pure emotion reigns.

We create artful wedding invitations, the kind that (hopefully) stop guests in their tracks to savor and linger a bit longer in a moment.  We hand paint on paper to not only add a bit of glisten to an invite but to impart a curious texture that will encourage a touch.  We wrap delicate silk ribbons to add beauty yes, but also to make the recipient feel like they are uncovering a gift.  Sumptuous materials is key in my world, no doubt.  Velvet ribbons, cottony papers and the finest archival inks combine to create a look that is incomparable BUT beyond that is a certain untouchable, indescribable magic that can only be described as Bossa.

Jose Villa

Bossa happens (and thank you Wikipedia for finally giving me a description for this) when all the right moments collide in a design.  Bossa happens when your mind AND your heart are in harmony.  The perfect brushstroke combines with an effortless sketch and a complimentary paper and in one simple breath you are holding a small piece of yourself that speaks in the simplest way possible of the sweetest emotions there are in this world.  I am grateful everyday that I have found a way to express for myself and my couples these essential emotions.  It is at the same time simple and the most complex.

Have you found your Bossa?


  1. robin shaver

    After being diagnosed with breast cancer and taking a moment to digest, I found my Bossa. See Kristy Rice and her amazing team created my wedding invitations for our wedding October 1st of this year. My Bossa came when my equally amazing photographer asked if I would like to document my journey. We did a photo shoot just days prior to my surgery and paired with my blog, have found a way to express my mind and heart in a way that I hope will inform, inspire and comfort others who might not share my same story but maybe relate to it. I post on my facebook as well as my blogspot so as to share even more. My goal is to eventually let my Bossa help me create an event to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness, support and research. Thank you Kristy for everything. The wedding invitations were presents for each of our guests and I am so excited for our special day.

  2. kristy

    Robin, you are an inspiration to us all. I hope you don’t mind me sharing. We received your email last month and it literally stopped us in our tracks. To read the words CANCER, took our breath away. Although we’ve never met face to face, working with you to create very personal invitations built a bond. Hearing your story and seeing your unabashed bravery while making the tough decision to move forward with the wedding, has left a lingering sense of hope will both Kelley and I. We remember discussing how strong you seemed, how focused you are; intent on the future and all the amazing-ness it holds for you and your family. Bravo and best to you! XOXO

  3. Robin Shaver

    Kristy and Kelley & the Momental Team!
    XOXO back. I am truely blessed to have so many supporters as you. Thank you for passing the sharing and caring. If I can ever “pay if forward” I certainly will try. Much wishes for your continued sucesses and may Bossa always be a part of you and your team.

  4. meg

    When i met Robin about 6 months ago we had SO much in common…i knew instantly i wanted to shoot her wedding. We even have friends and acquaintances in common, we are both adopted, we are both strong women and we are both CREATIVES. I knew i had to photograph her wedding because i knew she cared so much about every detail. Since our first meeting, Robin lost her father only a few months ago to a stroke and then found out she had breast cancer. Robin NOT ONCE has “given in”. She demonstrates dignity, class, a wonderful sense of humor and kindness that can knock someone off their feet. She is an INSPIRATION to me. There is also so many ironies in her story…she ordered a “PINK” wedding dress before she knew she had cancer then ordered another white one “before” she knew she had cancer…i think this sybolizes something. I have been documenting her story and have beautiful pictures to share. I can’t wait to photograph her wedding on October 1st {another irony being it’s “Breast Cancer” month}. This will be a day that represents so many things. A celebration of “life & love” and the ability to be courageous and still find a way to live your dreams…I’m honored to shoot this wedding and will love to share Robin’s pictures.

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