Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

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Melissa W.

I created the petal program with a rhinestone buckle detail – so gorgeous!!

I adore this collection!  The table number has a lovely profile (skinny and tall).  I added the large rhinestone buckle.  Each piece features varying painted details for added interest.  I created a petite fan program that is sophisticated and functional.

I am not sure how I would even decide but the buckle version is soooo pretty!

This look is all about texture, organic shapes, vibrant pops of color.  The two damask patterns could be re-drawn with slimmer, more graceful, sletchy lines, but I do love the feel in general.

Gold Damask, Red Damask, Chandelier Reception Card, Beaulieu Garden, Bride, Paper Swatches, Silk Folio Invitation

I had a blast with this!  A new damask illustration was created then painted in shades of red, gold and creamy ivory.  The double layer buckle adds a vintage flair and loads of texture and personality.  The folio is a rich chocolate but can be made in custom shades of gold like discussed.