Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Pattern has a way of pulling me in and not letting go.  I see it everywhere from a field of Queen Anne’s Lace to a portion of my latest pencil sketch.   A good pattern takes what is most balanced and beautiful about a flower, curve or shape and repeats it in a way that makes you want to never stop looking.  Anthropologie is out with their newest line of diggs inspired by Vintage Japanese Textiles.  I haven’t stopped looking…now I share my fixation with you.

Japanese Fabrics, Vintage KimonoVintage Kimono Silk

A la Anthro…



  1. Jenni - Ulysses Photography

    Ooooooh … those textures are yummy. 🙂 Great inspiration! I adore Anthropologie.

  2. Elegant Wedding Invitations

    Wow. Love that outfit with the shorts.

    • kristy

      We love the shorts too. Envisioning a satchel with similar embroidery…come on Anthro 🙂