Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

It has been a while since I featured our Signature Vintage Lacy Tree Wedding Invitation;  Long enough I would say!  Our Lacy tree has a long history, an evolving character and is beloved by us all at the studio.  Whimsical charm, custom sketches and a lighthearted mood make the tree a constant favorite.  Melanie first contacted us and knew the tree was for her.  Marrying in a vegetable garden *love*, the lacy quality of the tree seemed perfect.  I suggested a basket full of veggies nestled under the tree. We then added dragonflies and a pretty wrap in Envelopments Repousse […]

I have said it before but will again….I have the privilege of working with the MOST creative brides. I am inspired daily by their ideas and perspectives and am grateful for the design challenges every new project offers. This week I began work on two samples for Claire and Yvette. Both brides wanted an ultimately elegant and classic invitation but with the personality and flair of my artwork and hand-painted details. Claire’s vineyard inspired event led me to create a more detailed illustration of ripe grapes on the vine while Claire’s winter bouquet of jasmine called for a simple silhouette […]

I am so thrilled with the artwork lineup this week! Brides requested my interpretation of a blue hydrangea, white daisy and a dogwood branch. I am also working on a just starting to bloom crimson rose – but that is still too wet to post! I have created many versions of a blue hydrangea but this is by far favorite. I chose a bloom that had the palest of blues petals. I of course used my artistic license and punched up the color a bit. Kristina requested a simple white daisy. I used washes of pale blue and yellow to […]