Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

If you missed my first Engage recap earlier this week, take a look here but now, onto the sketches!  This was my 6th Engage experience and if you have followed along over the years you know, that I take notes in sketches.  Armed with sketchbook, my trusted Sharpie pen and watercolor pencils, I embrace each session with my eyes and ears.  As the sessions evolve I am intently moving from sketch to written notes, back and forth to create a crazy collection of information that I refer to again and again long after Engage has passed.  I must thank the lovely speakers for not only sharing their stellar smarts but for also being so darn fashionable, aka, awesome to sketch!

Grand Floral crafted the sweetest arrangements for the main session tables.  This burgundy peony was resting right in front of me for the entire day, I couldn’t resist!

Rebecca Grinnals always looks lovely and this time around was no exception.  Emerging topics, the infusion of which our couples will appreciate, were storytelling, multi-generational thinking and flawless execution.  Your art is not just in the flowers design you create or the timelines you perfect, it is in the way you listen, interpret and foretell for a couple.  I tell our brides that “your story is art, painted beautifully” and every day is dedicated to making that art come to life with them as narrator.

Todd Fiscus say’s “I’m not scared of anything” and every ounce of his presence speaks to that fact.  A reminder to not let anything get in the way of a good party resonates with me even as a stationer and has implications in our process long before the party even occurs.  Thanks for keeping me thinking Todd!

When Marcy Blum approached the stage, I couldn’t get my pen in hand fast enough.  Not only is Marcy so fun to sketch but always has something fabulous to say.  This time around being Inspiration BORED was her plight and looking to life and far beyond weddings for creative fuel was her passion.

Cindy Novotny always gets the room on their feet with her soaring message and quick wit.  “Go crazy, everyday”, were her words that morning; bold, brazen and simply beautiful.  She encouraged us to create a love mark for our clients, stamping their experience with meaning, emotion and an incomparable sincerity.

We all love Mindy Weiss.  Down to earth advice and kindness are what she is all about, period.  Reverly Event Design created massive Sculpted Paper roses to flank the stage and Mindy looked lovely standing near.

More of me indulging in flower loveliness!

Sylvia Weinstock making art with a cake, what else can I say? 

Karen Tran’s sculpture of blooms drew me right it.  Sneaking away during registration to savor a moment with my pen and her creation was unavoidable 🙂

Millie Bratten interviewed wedding fashion icon Monique Lhuillier and I am pretty sure time stopped if just for only a moment.  To hear Monique speak of her brand’s growth in such an unassuming tone was endearing to say the least.

Thanks so much everyone for following along!  Until next time! XOXO


  1. Sharon Alexander

    It was so fun watching you in action during the session!

  2. Desiree Patterson

    I saw you sketching away and was hoping you would share them. Your talent never ceases to amaze me.

  3. Kelly McWilliams

    I LOVE this post! Kristy, I am so in awe of your natural talent and sincere joy.

  4. cate

    gorgeous! what a treat seeing engage! rendered in sketches… so alive and beautiful.

  5. Erin Davenport

    Love this, Kristy! I saw many of these scenes in photos and so enjoy your artistic rendering of them 🙂 It’s an explosion of talent: visionaries in design created jaw-dropping decor for Engage and you took it one step further.

  6. Juliet Douglas

    These are gorgeous Kristy!!

  7. Karry Castillo

    Beautiful sketches! Love seeing your words and images. Wish I could have been there for this edition of Engage.

  8. Aimee Monihan

    Beautiful Kristy, you are so insanely talented!!!!

  9. Cindy Novotny

    What kind words you’ve said about me! Thank you so much. You all inspire me and I am happy to hear that everyone got so many great take-aways from the session! LOVE the drawing, it will be framed in my office 🙂

  10. Jenny J Cook

    I love the way you “take notes”, Kristy! What talent you have. For those of us who did not attend Engage, this is a fun way for us to experience it and experience your personal takeaways. Thanks for that! Must say, I think your sketch of Silvia is amazing … spot on! 😉

  11. Tessa Woolf

    These sketches are fantastic, Kristy! The next best thing to actually being at Engage 🙂 xoxo

  12. grace | wedding favors

    I love Monique Lhuillier! Her wedding creations are gorgeous!