Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Take a look. Get Inspired


Christine M.

I created two border versions for you to consider in addition to the new sketchy tree inspired by Allison’s peony!  The first is shown in the bottom right photo and top left.  This a more vibrant combination of fresh greens.  The second border option is shown in detail in the top right photo.  This is a softer combination using a soft shimmering sage outer border.


I created a new tree for you to give a thicker, stronger feel to the trunk.  A true, rich brown was used and longer branches make their way across the top of the layout.  These can be longer if needed.

To give a fresher look overall I reserved the pink for the painted details in the tree while using a livelier green for borders and folder.  I also thought it would be helpful for you to see your inspirations alongside the invitation design!


Here is your real sample!