Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

Next we stopped at Garden of the Gods which is completely free to the public. You enter the park to be immediately greeted by a landscape much in contrast to the preceeding drive. Huge rock formations of vibrant orange and terracotta – some so thin you wonder how they atand strong. They do advise however to stay on the pathways as the rocks could give way at any moment. As you can tell from this photo – I didn’t listen!

This is me and my husband’s 5th trip out west. The first and third time we drove from PA to our destinations out west. The remainder of the time we would cheat – fly to Las Vegas or Denver and rent a car… I really can’t say which I prefer. Driving the entire way lends a certain sense of mystery and freedom where flying seems so much more planned. This time we travel with my parents. We have taken this trip with them once before and had the time of our lives. This time we have chosen our favorite spots […]

I am finally on vacation and our first stop was Pikes Peak in Colorado. Colorado has 52 fourteeners which mountains over 14,000 feet. Pikes Peak comes in at 14,110! We began our climb and I read the pamphlet. It spoke of hypoxia – which is altitude sickness. We drove and drove and all of us started to feel tight in the chest and very sleepy. As we continued even taking a photo was strenuous – and to think I wanted to get some painting in! The views were amazing but the trip was rough – a very interesting start to […]