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Last year I was surprised with a tweet that let me know I would be receiving agift subscription to Flower Magazine.  I was thrilled, but not half as excited compared to the day I received my first copy.  Never before has I experienced a magazine solely dedicated to the beauty and artful quality of flowers from so many different perspectives.  The large glossy photos engaged my eye and immediately made want to sit and paint.  Over the years I have learned that for me a photo that inspires me to grab my palette is a good one to say the least.  Flower Magazine is filled with good ones and I have been a huge fan of the publication ever since.

This week I am sharing my admiration of Flower Magazine firstly because they are a team of artists who love flowers and want to share their passion with the world.  Anyone who can craft an entire magazine around the concept of a bloom must be an artist.  Why?  Because artists see beauty in the details, those that others may miss; they shed light to subtle nuance and simple joys.  That is what Flower Magazine is all about.

The photos above are from a current feature in the latest issue.  Read more about this enchanting Scottish wedding here.

A little about the Editor, Margot Shaw:

“Margot Shaw was a late bloomer to the art of floral design. A self proclaimed “call and order flowers girl,” Shaw reached a turning point when her daughter got married. After working with the floral designer/event planner to create a beautiful wedding, she became enamored with the color, form, beauty and art that is a flower. She knew then that she had to learn more and soon began working for an esteemed floral designer in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama.”

Melissa, the managing Editor of Flower Magazine had some thoughts to share regarding why Flower Magazine is so popular with brides.  I personally have scoured each issue during my renewal planning and have found countless inspirations from bouquet style to flower and container options!

“One of the things we have heard a few times from brides is, of course, that they use the details and arranging ideas that are included in each issue for inspiration, and not even just those in the bridal-centric sections. Because any floral arrangement can be revised or tailored to most any event.
Part of our mission of course is to educate people about flowers and floral design, so if a bride wants to try her hand at a certain design, we are all about that! Even if it’s not for the big day, maybe her bridesmaids want to do the centerpiece for one of her showers…we love it when people discover that flowers don’t have to be intimidating or difficult.”

So in honor of Spring and my obsession with flowers I along with the ladies at Flower Magazine would like to give away a year’s subscription to Flower Magazine! All you need to do to enter is comment below telling me your what your favorite bloom might be and why!  Have fun!

The winner will be announced next Friday, April 23rd at 12 pm est.  Good luck!

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  1. Vicki K

    My absolute favorite flowers are lilacs. The smell instantly transports me back to my childhood waking up in the spring after a long new england winter and smelling their lovely sent through my open bedroom window. Even now the smell of lilacs make me smile and relax and brings the hope of beautiful things to come just like a spring day.

  2. Narae Choi

    I love jasmines. I love their smell and their coy presence. My mother used to have a pot in our terrace, and breeze would carry in its irresistible scent…it makes me nostalgic.

  3. Nicole

    I love poppies. They are available in such vibrant colors, and I love the POP from the black centers!

  4. Chelsea

    I love dahlias, any color, they are big and beautiful and happy. They make me smile. And so does Flower magazine!!

  5. Elle

    Ooooh this is hard, but instead of opting for my favorite bloom ever, I’m going to name my favorite bloom currently in my garden… Purple oaxalis… I love it’s dark purple leaves, and those bright and delicate little pink flowers that pop up, I love that it lays itself flat to the ground when it gets overheated, but as soon as the rain falls or the temperatures cool it pops right back up… I have one out front and several off my back patio and every time I see them I just can’t help but smile!

  6. Cate

    I absolutely love calla lilies! They are so elegant and instantly transport me to springtime and happiness.

  7. Erica

    Dahlias by far are my favorite flower. This timeless flower bring a nostalgic feel to any floral arrangement!

  8. suzanne

    All flowers have the ability to make me swoon, but I always end up making a beeline to the tulips when in season … the colors, the shape…just so beautiful and I think very simple and chic.

  9. Leanne

    Tulips. Simple, classic and will brighten up any room. Anyone who has seen the tulip fields in Skagit Valley, WA or walked through the sprawling rows of flowers in the Netherlands, will instantly fall in love.

  10. Joanne

    As simple as it might be, my favorite flower is the common periwinkle. I know it’s not grand or impressive or anything, but when my boyfriend and I were just starting to date (3 years ago now! eep time flies!) he asked me over to his dorm room one night, and there sitting in a little cup of water was a single periwinkle. Apparently he had gone for a walk in the woods with some friends that afternoon, and seen the flower, a single bloom amongst a bed of ivy, and thought of me. “It’s like you’ve popped up into my life like this happy little plant,” he told me. I fell head over heals and we’ve been together ever since 🙂

  11. naazia

    call me cliche, but i love roses 🙂 They are so romantic and elegant.

  12. sanbiki

    I like tiny, adorable waxflowers! I would love to see a bouquet highlighting them (or made entirely of them) someday.

  13. Stefanie

    My favorite flowers are lilacs! I love the look and the smell of them. They are so gorgeous, and very aromatic. The smell reminds me of such a sweet and simple time. Love them!

  14. Lauren

    I love freesia – it has the most lovely, delicate scent! My favorite are the yellow blossoms. When I was growing up, my dad would buy them for my mom every now and then and it was very romantic! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Sarah

    TULIPS! simple elegance and each year they remind me that spring has sprung!

  16. katarzyna

    Do I really have to pick one? I LOVE all flowers…okay, my current favorite: PEONIES. Yes, they’re opulent and pricey but for a very good reason. They have got to be the most beautiful blooms out there and their subtle scent is heavenly! I adore the blush colored peonies. If I was getting married in May or June I could have them in my bouquet but the wedding is in August so no peonies for me 🙁

  17. Allie

    I love peonies! Unfortunately they aren’t in season when we’re getting married. However, I’ve found that there are some kinds of roses that look similar, but smaller, so hooray!

  18. Alyssa

    i really love daffodils and daisies. they are just so happy 🙂

  19. Alicia

    Oh Gosh, this is hard…. I think my current obsession is ranunculous. Love the way they are all so different and beautiful in their own way.

  20. Liz

    honeysuckle! we had some growing in our yard when we were little, and my mom showed us how to bite off the end of the flower and suck the nectar. years later, after we’d moved away from that house, i caught a whiff of honeysuckle from something–maybe a perfume or a soap–and for a second i couldn’t figure out why it was so familiar and wonderful. then i realized it was bringing back my honeysuckle memories.

  21. Rhoda

    A very hard decision. One of my “top” favorites is the Cymbidium orchid. It comes in different sizes, and many, many colors that hold up for a long time. It’s one of theose those kinds of flowers that you only have to have 1 stem of and it still looks beautiful!

  22. Katie Brady

    Peonies! So FLOOFY! (Yes, I said floofy, not fluffy. Peonies are extra fluffy which makes them “floofy.”)

  23. Evonne & Darren Photography

    Looks like a beautiful magazine. I wish they have distribution out here in Hawaii! 🙁

  24. Mary

    Peonies have always been my favorite. My father grew them along the back of the house. They would stand so tall and open so wide. Even to this day, their fragrance always makes me stop and allow thoughts of my childhood to dance in my head. I remember my mother taking the bouquet I just picked, wrapping the stems in damp paper towels and then wrapping that in tin foil. This bouquet would be a gift for some lucky teacher early in June. I’m smiling thinking how many “A’s” my mother and father bribed for me with the pink, white and red peonies I would proudly hand to the teacher!

  25. Ms. Bunny

    Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers. They are just so romantic.

  26. Jennifer

    Sunflowers! They never fail to make me smile!

  27. Cera

    My favorite bloom has to be snapdragons. They remind me of my childhood and spending time out in front of my parent’s house growing up. We loved to spread the seeds all over the flower beds and the flowers were absolutely beautiful.

  28. Ray

    That is easy! Gardenias! They are such a sweet and delicate flower and they smell A-mazing!

  29. beth

    Hydrangea, I love them! They are available in so many colors and they are so full and pretty!

  30. Emily

    I love billy balls or Craspedias. They are so cheery and happy. I am using them in my wedding bouquet this July with spider mums. I can’t think of a happier flower all sunny and yellow. It just makes me smile to think of them!

  31. Alison

    Blue Globe Thistles. Because of their gorgeous color and because they are so unique. I also love purple thistles. I’m Scottish and I would love to have a traditional Scottish wedding (or elope to Scotland!) and have a bouquet with thistles, tied with a ribbon that has my clan’s tartan on it. Thistles are just so amazing because they can thrive anywhere, like a crack in the pavement.

  32. Jeanie

    My favorite flower is the tulip. I love seeing how the colors of each petal are so solid and vibrant. It makes them easy to spot from far away. I also like orchids, especially phalaenopsis orchids. I love to see all the variety of colors they grow in. My mom and I are going to an orchid show in Carlsbad, CA this weekend and I’m totally excited to see the displays that orchid lovers and vendors will have!