Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice




Several weeks ago I blogged about the new look that is coming for Momental Designs (read more here for the full story). The image overhaul involves a new website to launch in June, fresh look for the blog and an updated logo. I must admit I like a fussy, detailed design so creating a simple, impactful and evocative brand image for myself was no easy task. Collaboration with Heidi from Spitfiregirl Designs has proven to be quite empowering for me and has led to a logo that is on the way to speaking “Momental” much more clearly than the previous. So have a look at several of the options still on the drawing board – very soon I will need to choose – thoughts?


  1. Linterella

    I agree: These are more “you.” I’m partial to the logo at the top. I love the whimsical look of the “s” at the end, and the font overall has nice movement to it… more diagonal than straight up-and-down. Good contrast with the sans serif tag line.

  2. Robert Dwyer

    I like the one on top too, because it makes an appropriately artistic statement that aligns with your style for the main portion of the logo, and then the clean look of the subordinate text balances it out nicely. Really nice work on the logo; looking forward to seeing the new site in June!

  3. isha

    In less technical terms – the top design is feminine and the slant of the M is flirty. My fave!

  4. Kristy@RiceInk

    Thanks everyone for the feedback – I have to agree with everything – the decision is becoming clear!