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Adam and I throw a Holiday bash every year and this year’s festivities are coming up on December 19th. I have a few rules for the party, it must been fun, we must eat well, it must be pretty and there must always be an element of surprise. This year we came up with a crazy idea to #1 surprise all our guests and #2 accomplish the difficult task of finding meaningful gifts for everyone.

I called upon my friend Shane East, a local wedding photographer originally from San Diego, to spend the evening with us and our guests on the 19th. Shane will be capturing all the warm fuzzy moments throughout the evening as well as offering families and friends the opportunity to pose for shots in front of the fireplace or tree.

In addition to giving up a Friday evening right before the Holiday, Shane has also agreed to process photos before Christmas Eve for our gift giving pleasure. I am so anxious to see the faces of our loved ones as they open what I believe will be the best gift Adam and I have ever given – the gift of a captured moment, memories.

In preparation I offered to gather inspiration photos so Shane can get a sense of the type of shots I love. Since I spend time on many photographer blogs it was only natural for me to gravitate there for inspiration. Here are some favorites:

This is one of my favorite shots of Shane’s. I love that it is posed but with an artistic eye for composition. I think this was posed – tell me if I am wrong Shane!

Photos courtesy Shane East Weddings

I hope to capture some precious kid moments like this one above – priceless!

I adore shots like this that capture the environment, the setting of the event, so much can be seen and felt in these detail shots.

Photos courtesy of DVB Photographers

I am big fan of the hugging shots. There is so much real emotion captured. Nothing posed, just fresh and real. The first half hour of our parties are spent giving lots of hugs, handshakes and kisses, can’t wait to capture this!

The shot above is soooo amazing. Love the focus on her expression while still having a sense of the surrounding emotion.

Photos courtesy Laura Novak Photography

The kids, the pup, too cute – love the joy captured here. Slightly posed but still so spirited!

My absolute favorite. For me, the perfect family portrait! I adore Amelia Lyon’s work – such a sense of history in each shot.

Photos courtesy Amelia Lyon

Another lovely environment shot.

Photos courtesy of Merge Weddings

Just found these two gems today. I commented on Rachel’s blog and said these shots make me want to have kids!!!

Do you have any favorite photographers or specific shots – family or wedding? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Amelia . Lyon

    Wow, thanks for the kind words and awesome shout out!!! Happy Tuesday!

  2. good thoughts

    What beautiful photos! I have always been disappointed that we have never been able to make your Christmas party! I still have last year’s invitation up on my memory board in our kitchen! This year will be the first year ever that I won’t be spending Christmas at home – While excited that we won’t have to deal with the airports, crowds and worrying about shipping everything home – it will not be the same. Hope you have a fantastic time – I’ll be thinking of ya’ll ;).

  3. Kristy@RiceInk

    Thanks for looking – I will be sure to post Shane’s amazing work soon after the party!