Handmade custom invitations & stationery
by Kristy Rice

I had an hour long chat with Amber late last week. She chose the Vintage Stamped Tree invitation after seeing our photo in The Knot, but had quite a different take on the concept…second to her savvy color palette and whimsical sensibilities is her inspiration for the invitation. The quote from the notebook is long – but crafts a lovely image in the mind… “I learned what is obvious to a child. That life is simply a collection of little lives, each lived one day at a time. That each day should be spent finding beauty in flowers and poetry […]

Chelsie Anderson of Tree Line Photography captured these spectacular images – I visited the blog and could have browsed for hours. Be sure to stop by to see further into Angie and Ryan’s day. We created a lovely collection for Angie and Ryan. When Angie first contacted me she loved the impact of our big blooms collection but none of the illustrations seemed to fit the warm, color saturated look she was planning. I suggested the Dahlia and went to work on this watercolor piece. The Dahlia was carried throughout the day onto table numbers and programs. My favorite shot! […]

Rebecca called me about two months ago with a lovely quote she wanted to center her entire invitation design around. The Vintage Lacy Tree was the perfect collection, so I created a tree-scape featuring a tandem bicycle. Rebecca hoped her invite would speak of simple elegance with a vintage flare. The lacy wrap was the perfect touch of softness and nestles casually within the lovely poem… If you are incorporating some sort of prose into your invitation – I would love to hear more!

I don’t know if anyone else feels as if November has just flown by…but I certainly do! I realized that I need to have my Holiday Party Invitations in the mail by next week!!! A hand-drawn map of my town as the centerpiece for this year’s invite is an idea I have been cooking up since September. Since most of my guests live very near my home and have for their whole lives, I thought this would be well received. The hubby’s family love nothing more than storytelling about fishing trips on Lake Louise or apple picking in Brace’s Orchard, […]

I am so thrilled with the artwork lineup this week! Brides requested my interpretation of a blue hydrangea, white daisy and a dogwood branch. I am also working on a just starting to bloom crimson rose – but that is still too wet to post! I have created many versions of a blue hydrangea but this is by far favorite. I chose a bloom that had the palest of blues petals. I of course used my artistic license and punched up the color a bit. Kristina requested a simple white daisy. I used washes of pale blue and yellow to […]