Meet Kristy

Kristy Rice is indeed a storyteller of style; communicating for her brides in paint and pen, paper and prose, very personal stories with attention to detail and an unmistakable sense of hand. Kristy’s intuitive skill is in combining her distinctive watercolor technique with her decorative painting style and whimsical illustrations. In less than a decade, her personal obsession with the visual arts has evolved into an innovative international brand which garners attention from wedding publications around the world. Armed with a curated team of stationery artists, designers and craftsmen, Kristy has transformed wedding stationery into a persuasive and compelling medium that brings an artistic experience to couples worldwide.

As a trailblazer of hand-painted wedding stationery, Kristy and her team have literally painted their way into the hearts’ of couples everywhere… As exhibited in her vast portfolio, art is for her not an act, but a lifestyle. As expressed daily on her blog RiceInk, Kristy finds inspiration all around her, from her own creative projects and business philosophy, to her personal experiences and travels around the world. Widely regarded as a wedding industry tastemaker, Kristy has been commissioned by various brands and outlets to produce creative editorials focusing on wedding style  and color trends. Recent contributions and collaborations include a multi-day editorial shoot on location at The Biltmore Estate in North Carolina; a Vintage Styled wedding feature for Bridal Guide Magazine; various color trend stories for The Knot, and a southwest cover shoot captured on location in Zion National Park for Destination I Do Magazine. Always striving to find new mediums to express her artistry, Kristy’s artwork has graced the products of well-known paper brands, Envelopments® and Papyrus.

Kristy Rice shares her heart through each carefully placed brushstroke or turn of hand, and those expressions continue to beguile, inform and describe a world her clients and fellow creatives love.


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Meet the Team

The Momental Team is made up of lifelong and new friends who share, among other things, several degrees in art and education. “The Momentals”, as we like to call ourselves, ensure that each couple feels empowered and delighted by their Momental experience. As professionals, we possess the skill and talent to create exquisite, breathtaking designs. As friends, we understand the importance of the personal touches that transform each finished product into a breathtaking work of art; one that tells a story of life, friendship, and love.

Kelley N.

Calm, conscientious, creative… Client Manager.

If you call the studio there is a good chance you will have the pleasure of chatting with Kelley. I first met Kelley when I was teaching a handmade paper class at a local art studio, when she was just 15 years old! Kelley’s talent was evident from the beginning; so much that she assisted me in hand-painting the aisle runner for my own wedding. Kelley possesses a degree in art education and also has extensive experience in customer service. Kelley, however, has redefined customer service in her position at Momental.  For Kelley, it is all about mastering the art of the experience and ensuring you know and feel just how much care is put into every detail, every conversation, every process.

Steph S.

Reliable, exacting and optimistic… Studio Manager

Steph came to us as a shy and quiet graphic designer who spent the first few years here as an invitation artist.  Soon Steph’s many talents beyond painting and assembling invitation became clear and she moved along to managing our team of invitation artists.  Her position requires an insane amount of patience, an unrelenting commitment to detail and a brain that can multitask without compromise.  Steph is our go to and makes it her passion to ensure every piece leaving the studio meets every high expectation imaginable.

Katie C.

Quirky, dedicated and honest …Graphic Designer

Katie first came to Momental as an elective Intern, which means she wasn’t gaining credit officially for her time here.  To us that spells DEDICATION!  After graduation she joined our team and brought with her a great sense of design, a true artist’s eye and witty sense of humor…oh and an obsessive love of peanut butter!

Jillian K.

Meticulous, innovative, gifted…Lead Artist

Jill came to us from the big life and bustle of New York City.  Eager for an artistic career to go with her desire to be close to what matters most, family… Jill found a home at Momental that somehow seems just right.  As Kristy’s right arm artistically, Jill’s painting style is the ying to Kristy’s yang.  From effortless portraits and detailed architectural illustrations to emotional landscapes and innovative styling, Jill is an integral part of the design team and eager to vision amazing-ness for her next project!

Joy S.

Detailed, honest, decisive…Production Lead

Joy’s attention to detail and organization is impeccable. Blessed with considerable artistic talent as well, Joy thankfully joined the design side of our team. In high school, we were often found painting the town, quite literally, creating cheerful, seasonal scenes on the windows of local businesses. Joy’s efficiency and reliability are unmatched and lavish hand-painted details are her forte. She was an obvious choice for our team and we are lucky to have her on board.

Kristen M.

Funny, conscientious, attentive… Invitation Artist, Shop Manager & Social Media Coordinator

Kristen, like many other Momentals, has her degree in Art Education, but even so finds herself right at home in the Momental Studio.  Kristen loves details and is our expert proofreader – she can find anything that might not be quite right with your wording!  Kristen is colorful, always laughing and strives everyday to act as if each invitation she touches is her own, and it shows!

Erin G.

Focused, funny and authentic…Invitation Artist

Erin came to Momental fresh out of college with her degree in hand, along with a ton of enthusiasm.  Her quiet nature and soft spoken approach was a contrast to our loud bustling studio, but soon enough the real Erin emerged and we’re so glad she did.  Erin has become an integral part of the Momental team.  Skilled and enthusiastic about her production work, she is exacting in approach and an incredible leader.

Adam J.

Technical, diverse and brilliant…The Hubby

After years of being behind the scenes at Momental, it’s only fair to pay homage to the incredible brains behind this artistic operation.  An engineer by day, Adam can be found calculating, crunching the numbers and visioning structures most of us couldn’t even fathom.  So when I realized this little business was becoming bigger than I could have dreamed, it was Adam to the rescue.  Apart from ensuring all things black and white run smoothly here, Adam is my soul mate and confidant, never failing in his support, selfless attitude and loving ways.

Linda R.

Loving, mom, remarkable… Mom

Mom has been a part of Momental since it was born as a mere spark of an idea in my head. My mother’s creativity courses through my own veins and has inspired me since I was very small. I will never forget how Mom transformed our tiny guest bedroom into my very first art studio so that I would have a space to explore my talent and hone my skills. She hand-crafted all the silk flower bouquets for my wedding and now creates the sculpted flowers for one of my most striking collections. She has mastered nearly every task needed to keep the studio running smoothly and I feel blessed to have her on the design team. She is gifted at what she does… painting, creating, and helping this little girl to grow up and realize her dream.

Jake R.

Humble, hardworking, kind…Dad

It was never a question what Dad would do to fill his days after retirement.  While he’s incredibly shy, Dad has supported my crazy dreams endlessly, offering his skilled hands at every opportunity.

From post office trips and spray painting lace to packaging completed orders and sourcing custom postage, Dad is fiercely attentive and one of the most gentle spirits I have ever known.  To have both of my parents still such a significant part of my daily life is a true blessing.  Going above and beyond is their personal mantra when it comes to me and Momental. I’ve learned from the best!

Emily R.

Sweet, sincere and sure-handed… Invitation Artist

Emily began working with us at the ripe old age of 20, but has proven to be an old soul with some major talents when it comes to creating beautiful stationery with us. She gives our studio a breath of fresh air having a fountain of knowledge regarding pop-culture and helps us keep current. Having her around the studio is a treat, as her kind demeanor fits our team like a glove.


#themomentals, we are your artists.  We’re a group of spunky, loud and thoughtful painters, who love food, laughing and making YOUR day.  We are like family and spend a ton of time together, even when the studio day is long over.

Follow along our escapades here and see what makes our team so…Momental.

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